One step back

Everywhere I see, be it design, fashion, life style, food, buildings – we are taking one step back or realizing a better value of something which is already done in the past! Check out Prada Minimal Baroque Eyewear 2012.

Greenpeace activists pose for a photograph on a gigantic eco-friendly 3D artwork of an organic farm, an illustration of healthy, ecological farming, at Museum of Siam, Bangkok. Today the Bureau of Rice Policy and Strategy, the Thai Farmers’ Network and Greenpeace hailed Thailand’s Rice Masterplan for outlining a policy that aims to keep Thai rice free of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

Organic food, herbal medicines, living green, practicing yoga, ammonia free hair colors, avoiding flavor enhancing compounds in food, gluten free diet, organic milk, organic farming, naked juices; well, this has all been practiced in its original form in the past already, which we had forgotten few years back. And I can only wish we could really take one step back and clear up the ecological mess we have created in last few decades.

What if there was a pause in evolution of our earth for just once and mankind got a chance to peep into the past and learn from mistakes OR appreciate discoveries, realization & knowledge…even after all the history we know..we haven’t actually learned a thing from it I feel.

How did men live in harmony with nature before…

How beautiful the places must be when they were simply pure and untouched…

We can just imagine that in our minds; living in a concrete jungle of our times which we call – a City.

This huge contrast between few decades and our present, I realized it through this minute observation few yrs back…

During my visit to Himalayas…one night I was gazing at the night sky from a village called Likir (Likir is around 56 kms from Leh –the highest settlement in the world – Altitude of 3,750 meter) – I felt so close to the sky as I could almost pluck the stars. They were glowing bright and clear. The light of the sky was almost enough to find your way in this village without using a flash light. I saw at least dozen of shooting stars. Looking up to the sky from a city and what it looks like from an intact place up in the mountains, far away from any settlement, is so different! What did we do to our environment in last few years is actually sad. Future generation might call a plane flying far in the sky – a star!…I actually felt this way just a few days ago while driving parallel to one of the aerodromes in New Jersey. It was evening time, and may be the air traffic was on its peak in that hour…when all the flights were lined up on the fairway to take off- few seconds apart. Soon they became stars in the sky and was hard to differentiate which one is an airplane and which one is a star or a planet…unless one really focused on each of them for a longer time span, they would all look the same. Reminds me of the Airplanes song by B.O.B – the lyrics goes like, “Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars..I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.”

How will the sky look like in future? Would we be able to see anything from the space at all! The layer of dust and pollution might increase up to a level that we would hardly have any visibility of what is around our mother earth. This is extremely small compare to what gigantic changes we have accomplished to ruin our earth..

As we are progressing, our environment is regressing. Or may be it is just another cycle for the earth which is coming to an end to refresh itself!?

Only after the last tree has been cut down

Only after the last river has been poisoned

Only after the last fish has been caught

Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten

An old Cree Indian Saying

About anar memon

I am a person with a vast subject interests, call it culture, food, music, history, places, films, sports, design, art & crafts, painting, photography, animals, geography, architecture and the list never ends but keeps growing. A lot of times I try to intervine any two or more interests to get inspired and apply rules of one to the other and find interesting results. I'm always observing and learning from the world around me as I think one life is just not enough to grasp the beauty of our world.


  1. Darshini Shah

    Great article Anar! I had similar feeling about what we are doing today while I was doing my post graduation at Savannah! My whole study program was focused on “organic”, “vernacular”, “ecological” and on “green” words! All the reading materials which were provided talked about being green with examples – which our ancestors and even our grand parents and parents have been practicing! I too wonder what if we would have never changed or discontinued practicing their lifestyle?!

  2. thanks for reading Darshini!..just like an old fashion circles back..we are transforming towards what good practices have been done in the past..just that we need to cope up with the sudden changes in our environment before its too late..

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