My new buddy “I-95”

Lately I have developed a sort of fondness for Interstate 95, driving on it  for more than a year now.  (I-95 is the main highway on the East Coast of United States, running parallel to the Atlantic Ocean seaboard connecting Florida and New England inclusive, since 1957, and it keeps expanding.)

Clearing for the I-95 alignment in 1968

I-95 through Philadelphia 2012

Starting my work week driving on this road and I share my life with and on this road. Thanks to my bug (vw beetle) which goes strong and steady. Entering I-95, you are in a pool with drivers with a specific driving habits, just like any foreign city would have its own set of habits of driving. Here it is all about the speed, and the buttery surface of these roads just add into it; (lets keep the speeding tickets aside)

Just like an aquarium is a vivarium- a “place of life” of the marine world, I-95 houses pools of all types & sizes of cars – with a system of controlled traffic, large bridge structures, cameras, billboards and the infinite lines drawn over landscapes by asphalt. Cutting through hills, rivers and woods. I see cars with roof racks, carrying mountain bikes, kayaks, yachts, RVs towing cars; everyone is going somewhere, while they share a bit of their journey with other drivers.

I see seasons changing here, from summer to fall and fall to winter; from lush greens to the color changing leaves to no leaves on the tree. I see city skylines in the distant horizon and how it shrinks to almost disappearing in the blue.

I see evening changing to dark night. And slowly the headlights turn on. And this animation of painted skies get even more interesting in Spring and Fall time.

I see new cars with shining silhouette and some dented old trucks.

The more I see, more I feel part of it. And as they say, it isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey. So why not enjoy every bit of it 🙂


About anar memon

I am a person with a vast subject interests, call it culture, food, music, history, places, films, sports, design, art & crafts, painting, photography, animals, geography, architecture and the list never ends but keeps growing. A lot of times I try to intervine any two or more interests to get inspired and apply rules of one to the other and find interesting results. I'm always observing and learning from the world around me as I think one life is just not enough to grasp the beauty of our world.

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