A note on Music

“Music” –  what can I really write about music!

But I had this urge to put my vague expressions about music into words anyhow, as I wonder how music is so beautiful as it touches the inner most senses in the most peaceful manner!

In ancient Greece, it was believed that music had the power to penetrate the soul. No doubt about it 🙂 IMO

I feel Music has a texture. It travels like this transparent liquid within you with certain density. And the additional sounds are like sprinkled colors to make it colorful or discolor it. Just like shades of colors can change our moods, music has shades of its own; the greys and blues..

Music, unlike literature and visual arts, relates a continuum, whereas the other arts are snapshots. A musical phrase is among other things, is part melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, and relationships.

Its amazing how music can rule over us. Music that make you smile, laugh, recall past pleasant experiences, cry, jump on the sofa, question the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  The greatest value of music is its ability to stimulate practically all types of emotions people can express.

I came across an interesting read which says,  “Can birdsong, the song structure of humpback whales, a Thai elephant orchestra, or the interlocking duets of Gibbons be considered music?”   

May be Music did evolve through inspirations from nature! Understanding how our heart beats in a tempo, or the sound of blowing wind, or the flowing water. And we tried to mimic these like the talking birds!? Drums sounding like the thunder of clouds, or santoor sounding like orchestra of Rain drops – gentle rivers and streams, calming sea, sound of tropical storm, the owls, crickets & woodpeckers…. (Check out this awesome sound mixer for the sounds of nature)

And comparing people with types of music – some are hard rock, some are contemporary country style; some are classical; and some are just out of tune. 😉
My music teacher once said  “Jo taal se gaya, woh duniya se gaya” – meaning a person who looses tempo in life (a heart beat which indicates exact tempo as we breathe) he looses breath.(like a pendulum stops running without batteries) – explaining importance of tempo in music and therefore in life.


About anar memon

I am a person with a vast subject interests, call it culture, food, music, history, places, films, sports, design, art & crafts, painting, photography, animals, geography, architecture and the list never ends but keeps growing. A lot of times I try to intervine any two or more interests to get inspired and apply rules of one to the other and find interesting results. I'm always observing and learning from the world around me as I think one life is just not enough to grasp the beauty of our world.

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