Midtown Manhattan like Maanek Chawk

street-food-new-york manek-chowk-10-pm







New Place New Story…

Moving close to Manhattan after living in Philadelphia for three years was quite a change. Well, not as much as moving from India to United States. But it feels good to finally find a “new normal”.  The memories in bits and pieces, somewhere, somehow surfaces, reminding me of the places I once belonged to.

There is feeling of ultimate rush in everything I see around here when I step in the city of New York. Pedestrians, cabbies, bus drivers, shop keepers and street side wanders; no one has a moment to make an eye contact with passing pedestrian.

The gust of wind passing through tall buildings just adds to the rush. Nothing here is stationary, not even the ground as it trembles with underground trains passing by.

Smell of kabobs grilled and the nuts roasted at the corners of the street reminds me of Maanek Chowk in old city of my home town Ahmedabad. Surrounded by historical structures, Maanek Chowk is a vegetable market in the morning, a bullion market in the noon and the street food market at night. Resembling it, midtown Manhattan where city’s iconic buildings like Empire state stand tall, comprises of Diamond District, Theater District, Garment District and offers an array of events as the Broadway, after morning rush, transforms into outdoor dining at noon , attracts tourist for picturesque city lights by the evening while the street markets suddenly emerges out of no where in the night.


About anar memon

I am a person with a vast subject interests, call it culture, food, music, history, places, films, sports, design, art & crafts, painting, photography, animals, geography, architecture and the list never ends but keeps growing. A lot of times I try to intervine any two or more interests to get inspired and apply rules of one to the other and find interesting results. I'm always observing and learning from the world around me as I think one life is just not enough to grasp the beauty of our world.

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