You had the blue note sapphire eyes, to back up all those gazes

To pierce my guard and to take my soul off to faraway places
Told me I’ll never be alone, cos you’re right there

We took a gamble with this love, like sailing to the storm
With the waves rushing over to take us, we were battling against the tide
You were my beacon of salvation, I was your starlight

So don’t cry for your love, cry tears of joy
Cos you’re alive cradled in love

I kept the love you gave me alive, and now I carry it with me

I know it’s just a tear drop from mother earth, but in it I can hear a dolphin sing
Telling me I’ll never be alone, I know you’re right there

So with the fire still burning bright, I wanna gaze into your light
If I could see my fortune there, you know how flames can hypnotize
Do I even dare to speak out your name for fear it sounds like, like a lover

So don’t cry for your love, cry tears of joy
Cos you’re alive cradled in love

Cradled in love                    – Poets of the Fall

Listening to these lyrics – and they slowly start animating themselves into this imagery; with the subject library of your mind and that comes alive when you close your eyes.

I always wished what if I could translate them into a scene visible to human eyes! And that’s a reason why I learned to animate in 3-D softwares. As a background artist, I have imagined spaces, which I remember- to consciously wake up from dreams to be able to put it on paper before I completely forgot them.

I appreciate the dreamers around the world whose minds are so powerful to create the worlds which are out of our existing world and to give them a form through motion picture.

After all its all (माया māyā), the Hindu concept of illusion – centered on the fact that we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, created by us.

About anar memon

I am a person with a vast subject interests, call it culture, food, music, history, places, films, sports, design, art & crafts, painting, photography, animals, geography, architecture and the list never ends but keeps growing. A lot of times I try to intervine any two or more interests to get inspired and apply rules of one to the other and find interesting results. I'm always observing and learning from the world around me as I think one life is just not enough to grasp the beauty of our world.

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